Tuesday 24 June 2014

Binary Options Trading Bonuses

So, have you heard about binary options trading bonuses?  These are the additional funds that a broker will deposit in your account when you make a deposit.  Not all brokers offer binary options trading bonuses, and those that do have varying bonus amounts, from 50% all the way up to 150% in some cases.  Is this really free money or is there some catch that will get you in the long run.  Below you can find out more about these popular trading bonuses.

As I mentioned above, not all the brokers offer binary options trading bonuses.  Basically, these bonuses are an incentive for you to trade with one broker versus another broker.  They are typically tiered, which means that the more you deposit, the larger your bonus.  You might find that for a $100 or even a $1,000 deposit you only receive a 50% bonus.  But, if you can deposit $10,000 or more your bonus soars to 150%!  This is some pretty serious money, so how can the brokers offer such large deposit bonuses?

Obviously the deposit bonus money comes out of the brokers profits, but that is only if you keep it and make additional profits.  You see, what the brokers often fail to tell you (except for in the small print in their terms and conditions) is that you can only withdraw the bonus money and any profits after you have traded your deposit so many times over.  This amount varies from broker to broker, but it typically falls between 20 times and 100 times.  This means that with the theoretical $10,000 deposit, at some brokers you would need to trade over $1 million before you were able to withdraw the deposit bonus.  Even at the low end you would be trading over $200,000 to claim your bonus money.

The brokers have had problems in the past with traders who complained loudly when they were unable to withdraw the bonus money, even after they were pointed to the terms and conditions that clearly stated how much trading volume was necessary before trading bonuses could be withdrawn.  So, some of the brokers have gotten around this by only paying the deposit bonus after you have met the minimum trade volume criteria.  This means that you aren’t even able to risk the trading bonus to get to the volume requirement, instead you are trading your own money.  And if you blow out your account before reaching the volume minimum you never see a single cent of the deposit bonus.

So, tread carefully when it comes to binary options trading bonuses.  If you already have a strategy you know is profitable you can take advantage of the bonus.  However, if you are just getting started with binary option trading it is far more likely that you will run out of money before you meet the volume requirements to get your bonus.  At the end of the day, always read the terms and conditions of the broker before accepting any binary options trading bonuses.

Monday 23 June 2014

Binary Options and Its Benefits

With so many different financial markets available, how does one decide which is the best for trading?  The answer doesn’t need to be complicated.  What about choosing based on the benefits, such as trading binary options and its benefits.

There are many things that make binary option trading both attractive and unique.  Below you will read about four characteristics of binary options and its benefits.
1.       Quick Profits.  Some people have loads of patience and can give a rock a run for its money when it comes to waiting, but most of us love instant gratification.  Binary options can give you that instant gratification, with options available that payout in as little as 60 seconds.  While your stock trading friends are talking about the “quick” profits they booked on their last trade which took three months, you can brag about the hefty profits you made in just 5 minutes with binary options.
2.       Simple Trading.  If you have looked into other types of trading you know that any other market is loaded with complex trading vocabulary, intricate systems and software, and a complete array of tools that almost require the dedication of a PhD candidate to decipher.  Binary option trading puts much of this to rest, though it is true you will still have to put in your time researching the markets if you wish to make consistent profits.  Still, with binary options you are making a simple decision about whether price will increase or decrease.  You won’t have to concern yourself with margin and leverage, stop loss orders, when to take profits, hedging your position, or the myriad of other distractions that come with trading other markets.
3.       Increased Flexibility.  Binary options are available for pretty much any asset you could trade on another market.  The key difference is that you can have access to all of them right from the same broker and platform.  Maybe you want to trade forex today, but tomorrow you see something far more interesting in the silver market.  Or maybe you’re trading stocks, but see a sudden move in the EUR/USD.  If you are trading binary options you can immediately take advantage of the opportunity.
4.       Transparent.  With binary options you know exactly how much you stand to make and exactly how much you stand to lose the second you open a position.  While news may come that makes the market surprise you, you won’t be hit with a sudden and huge loss that you didn’t expect.  This is one more feature of binary options and its benefits.

At the end of the day, few markets combine the advantages and benefits you will find when trading binary options.  Given all of binary options and its benefits it is no surprise that the industry is growing by leaps and bounds.

Thursday 16 January 2014

24option: the UK and Australia’s highest ROIs?

24 option Logo
24option.com is one of the world’s leading binary options brokers and has a strong reputation for

paying out high ROIs (returns on investment). The online investment site has consistently attracted

traders from the UK and Australia who are looking for opportunities to make money.

Binary options investors tend to be wary of glib promises and slick advertising; they are looking for

solid investment packages with fully regulated brokers, and expect consistently high ROIs. Online

brokers face stiff competition for trader accounts and have to work hard to retain trader loyalty.

24option realised from the very beginning that it would have to offer significantly higher payouts

than it’s competitors if it wanted to attract – and retain – quality traders. Crucially the brand

also knew that high payouts were only a part of the solution; they invested heavily in the site’s

sophisticated trading platform and customer service systems. Novice traders making their first

online investments receive an astonishing 89% ROI on every successful trade at 24option.com.

Experienced VIP traders can expect to receive more than 90% per trade.

A major problem with traditional investments is the fee structures. Successful investors who realise

high profits find themselves penalised by punitive fee structures and hidden charges. A trader’s

account can be depleted by high commissions, broker’s fees, and a variety of unfair deductions. In

addition to high payouts, 24option maintains a simplified and entirely transparent fee structure.

Traders who receive 89% ROIs can actually expect to keep their profits and not find their accounts

plundered by so called ’administration fees’.

In addition to offering exceptionally high payouts, 24option offers an impressive range of binary

options. Investment opportunities include an extensive asset index that incorporates global indices,

stocks, commodities and currencies. British and Australian traders can profit from international

markets on a 24 hour basis and can use the mobile trading platform to invest via their mobile

phones. Traders don’t need to be next to a computer to react to sudden market changes,

international events and other opportunities to make fast profits. Because the ROIs at 24option are

so high, traders can potentially invest smaller sums to achieve good results.

24option.com is currently one of the most popular binary options sites in Australia, Britain and other

English speaking countries. It is also growing rapidly across Europe and Asia and is now available in

over 16 languages.